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“The ground rules are changing, and we see industry disruption for how we do design and specify buildings. With EPDs at the center of low carbon building material validations, the suppliers who are first to adopt EPDs are seeing doors open and unprecedented access to developers and specifiers.”

Don Davies, PE, SE
President, Magnusson Klemencic Associates

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Climate Earth™ Introduces a Suite of Programmatic Interfaces to Revolutionize EPD Data Management for the Concrete Industry

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The leading supplier of EPDs for the Concrete Industry

Ready Mix

Join the leaders. Decide which EPD Generator is right for you.  EPD Essential or EPD Advantage?

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Concrete Masonry

Meet the emerging demand for low carbon CMUs with the first and only CMU EPD Generator.

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Work with the Climate Earth experts now and get information on the release of the game-changing Cement EPD generator.

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Get information about aggregate EPD options and work with Climate Earth on the right choice for your company.

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Work with us to create precast product-specific EPDs and also understand the benefits of installing the Ready Mix EPD generator in your precast plant.

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Advanced Materials

Advanced low carbon materials are rapidly emerging. Partner with Climate Earth to understand your EPD options and implement the right plan.

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Why Climate Earth?


Focused 100% on the Concrete Industry

Unlike other providers, Climate Earth is focused on the concrete industry alone. You can count on our expertise and be assured our products will always lead the industry.

Produce 95% of all concrete related EPDs

Since 2012, when Climate Earth produced the first ready mix EPD, producers across North America continue to select us for our expertise and our sophisticated but easy-to-use tools that help them manage and reduce embodied carbon.

Deepest team of EPD experts

Climate Earth expertise has been built on our focused commitment to concrete; as a founder of the Carbon Leadership Forum, the producer of the industry’s first EPD, the first aggregate EPD, and as leader in ready mix and block EPD generation.

Join These Industry Leaders Adopting EPDs

  • 404 Concrete
  • 711 Materials
  • Aggregate Industries
  • AggrePlex
  • AICrete
  • Altaview
  • Angelus Block Co., Inc.
  • Argos
  • AVR Inc
  • Barnes & Cone
  • Barrasso & Sons
  • Basalite Concrete Products
  • Bayview Redi Mix
  • Béton Provincial
  • Blair Block
  • Bonded Concrete
  • Boston Sand & Gravel
  • Brewster Transit
  • Bristol Management Services
  • Builders Concrete East
  • BURNCO Colorado
  • BURNCO Rock Products
  • Butler Concrete & Aggregate
  • Cadman Materials Inc.
  • Cape Cod Ready Mix
  • Carmeuse Stone & Lime
  • Carbon Upcycling Technologies
  • Casa Redimix Concrete Corp
  • Castle Rock Construction
  • Cemstone
  • Central Concrete
  • Centre Concrete
  • Chandler Concrete
  • Ciment Quebéc
  • City of Portland, Mobile Mixers
  • Clark Pacific
  • Clean Resources
  • Concrete Supply Co.
  • Conewago Manufacturing
  • Construction Services
  • Continental Cement Company
  • Corliss Resources
  • Cotton Redi-Mix
  • CPM Development
  • CTI


  • Delaware Valley Concrete
  • Desert Ready Mix
  • Eastern Concrete
  • Elizabeth River
  • Ernst Enterprises
  • F&F Concrete
  • Flatiron Corp.
  • Fortera
  • Four Corners Materials
  • Four Winds Concrete
  • Genest Concrete
  • Geofortis
  • Glenwood Mason Supply Co.
  • Gotham Ready Mix
  • Graniterock
  • Hawaiian Cement
  • Heidelberg Materials
  • Holcim
  • Hooker Creek Companies, LLC
  • IHC Scott
  • Independent Concrete
  • Ingram Ready Mix
  • Interstate Brick Co
  • Island Concrete – Pte Ltd
  • Jandris Block
  • Kerridge Concrete
  • Kerrs Concrete
  • Kirkpatrick Cement
  • Knelson Sand & Gravel
  • Knife River
  • LaFarge Western Canada
  • Lehigh Hanson Materials Ltd.
  • Liberty Ready Mix
  • Martin Marietta
  • Master Builders
  • Miles Sand & Gravel
  • Miller and Long
  • Mutual Materials
  • Nashville Ready Mix
  • National Ready Mix
  • National Concrete Masonry Assoc.
  • O&G Industries Inc.
  • Oldcastle APG
  • Oneonta Block
  • ORCO Block & Hardscape


  • Pan-United Pte Ltd
  • PDM Precast
  • Peak Ready Mix
  • Permacon
  • Pete Lien & Sons
  • Platte River Concrete
  • Polaris Materials
  • Prairie Material, LLC
  • Ralph Clayton & Sons
  • Ready Mix USA
  • RMC Ready Mix
  • Robertson’s Ready Mix
  • Rockport Ready Mix
  • RiverBend Materials
  • Schuster Readymix
  • Scioto Ready Mix
  • Shamrock Materials
  • Silvi Materials
  • Smyrna Ready Mix
  • Shold Excavating
  • Solidia Technologies
  • Sterling Concrete
  • Stevenson Concrete
  • Stoneway Concrete
  • Sublime Systems
  • Surespan Ready Mix
  • Taktl
  • Talon Concrete
  • Tanis Concrete
  • Tec-Crete Transit Mix
  • The Clemente Group
  • Thomas Concrete
  • Tilcon CT
  • Titan America
  • Titan Florida
  • Trio Ready Mix
  • Troutdale Sand & Gravel
  • United Companies and Telluride Gravel
  • Urban Mining
  • US Concrete
  • Vulcan Materials Company
  • Vitro Minerals
  • Webcor
  • Western Materials



Heidi Jandris
Heidi Jandris

Owner, Technical Resources and Sustainability Manager, BArch, LEED Green Associate
Jandris Block

“Climate Earth absolutely knows the masonry industry better than any other EPD provider. In addition, their deep connections in the industry have delivered valuable introductions with key practitioners and developers and associations, like the Carbon Leadership Forum.”

Herb Burton
Herb Burton

Vice President and General Manager, West Region
U.S. Concrete, a Vulcan Company

“At Central Concrete, EPDs are used as a competitive tool. The EPDs developed by Climate Earth have opened doors with specifiers and owners and helped solidify our relationships with them. The EPDs provide meaningful, impactful data that specifiers can trust and helps them to drive change and meet their carbon goals.”

Steve Lode
Steve Lode

National Ready Mix Concrete

“I can state, without hesitation, that everyone at Climate Earth is extremely knowledgeable and by far the industry’s best. I would recommend that anyone looking to up their game in sustainability join forces with Climate Earth.”

Christie Gamble
Christie Gamble

Senior Director of Sustainability
CarbonCure Technologies

“EPDs are absolutely critical components to decarbonizing concrete, because as the expression goes – you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Climate Earth has made the adoption of EPDS easy with its automated, on-demand EPD Generator.”

Don Davies, PE, SE
Don Davies, PE, SE

Magnusson Klemencic Associates

“Climate Earth has provided early and sustained leadership, enabling action and helping to define how we talk about and act upon embodied carbon. More significantly, Climate Earth makes the hard things easier.”

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Heidi Jandris
Herb Burton
Steve Lode
Christie Gamble
Don Davies, PE, SE
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