Management Team

Chris Erickson


Chris founded Climate Earth to make environmental performance integral to every business decision. He is a Fortune 500 executive and CEO with vast experience from several venture-funded big data and software start-ups. He holds an MBA from UC Berkeley.

Laurel McEwen

Executive VP LCA and EPD Services

Laurel is a Life Cycle Assessment practitioner with over a decade of experience working with Fortune 500 executives on PCRs, EPDs, and strategy for the use of LCA. She holds a BA in Zoology from the University of New Hampshire, and an MBA from Peter T Paul College of Business and Economics.

Nicolás Parcerisa

VP Engineering and Chief Systems Architect

Nicolás is a software Engineer with more than fifteen years’ experience in the software industry designing and building software solutions and leading engineering teams to achieve business goals.
Nicolás has an Information systems engineering degree from the National Technological University of Argentina.

Hossein Tavakoli

Director of North American LCA and EPD Services

Hossein is an experienced environmental engineer combining his experience as a civil engineer managing construction projects with a Ph.D. in Environmental/ Sustainability Engineering From Michigan Technological University. Hossein’s expertise includes life cycle assessment, renewable energy, water resources, air quality, and solid hazardous waste. His construction experience includes supervision and field engineering on a diverse range of commercial construction, the concrete bridge, demolition, and roadway projects.

Jules Conde

Director of Marketing and Operations

Jules’ extensive career in operations management and marketing provides a strong base of business acumen, accounting, analysis, budgeting, marketing and logistics expertise, all of which provides the infrastructure needed to keep Climate Earth operating smoothly behind the scenes and getting our key messages out to the Concrete Industry on how Climate Earth can give our customers the competitive edge they need for low carbon construction. Jules holds a BS in Business from the University of San Francisco.

Brian Davis

Manager of North American Sales

Brian Davis came to Climate Earth in August 2022 with diverse experience managing an array of projects in the construction industry including working directly with big box distributors, multi-state territory sales, research and development lab bench responsibilities and the full duties of a Technical Service Representative.

Brian excels in developing strong relationships with our customers by combining his broad concrete industry experience, understanding of customers' priorities and objectives and deep product knowledge and expertise. He continually makes thoughtful and insightful recommendations for new products so that Climate Earth can expand our range of product solutions to continually meet the growing needs of our customers.

Carter Brooks

Vice President, Supply Chain Services

Carter is the technical co-founder of Climate Earth. He is an expert in life cycle assessment, software development, and database design and programming. Carter holds an MS from the Energy and Resources Group at UC Berkeley.


Climate Earth is a fast-growing and innovative provider of cloud-based applications and we are expanding globally.

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