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The rate of reduced carbon materials and products innovation in the concrete industry is accelerating and Climate Earth is the leading EPD expert to assist innovators in meeting the needs for quality published carbon data. Whether you are in the design, testing or full production stages we have the expertise to serve you and a network of over 400 EPD Generator plants we can help you connect with.


Climate Earth thrives on working with innovative leaders.

Making an SCM from recycled glass bottles?

Manufacturing lightweight panels from specially formulated ultra high performance concrete?

Designing a low carbon cement?

No matter what stage you are in we can help you get quality environmental and carbon data to help sell your products. We can work with you to develop a reporting strategy and devise a plan from a ‘screening LCA’ to a full EPD.

LCA Expertise

Climate Earth specializes in the concrete industry and a team of experts to serve your needs and provide advice on the rapidly evolving market for low carbon building materials.


As we look to the future of concrete, low carbon innovation will be key and Climate Earth is the only company with worldwide connections and deep LCA expertise.

  • Climate Earth will work with you to develop a strategy to best communicate the value of your reduced carbon product with quality data supported by our expertise.
  • Fully verified EPDs require a full year of production data, which means that for many new companies it’s not feasible to produce a fully verified EPD.  Optionally, we will work with you to produce a screening LCA and preliminary EPD. 
  • Once we have an agreed strategy Climate Earth will take you through every stage to ensure the successful and transparent communication of your products’ environmental benefits.

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