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Delivering the Industry’s First Product-Specific EPDs for Aggregate

Climate Earth is the leading expert in aggregate EPDs. We were the first in the industry to produce product-specific EPDs for aggregate, a key trend as the industry moves to reduced carbon and greater transparency.  We also produce the more common plant average EPDs and can help you make the right choice between plant average and product-specific EPDs.


Industry knowledge

Climate Earth has deep experience and works with industry leaders such as customers: Vulcan Materials, Martin Marietta, Cemex, and Polaris Materials.


Climate earth LCA and EPD expertise includes developing EPDs for both hard rock and sand and gravel quarries and developing complex life cycle models for plants with hundreds of conveyors and dozens of rock types.


As we look to the future, product specific EPDs are key, and Climate Earth is the first and only company to have produced these more complex EPDs.

  • Data collection. Climate Earth provides the needed forms and support to collect the necessary data on, quarry and quarry operations, packaging, wastes, and transportation.
  • Life Cycle Analysis. Quantify the environmental impacts of all material and process inputs required for creating products. Create an inventory of environmental impact factors per unit of total production.
  • Produce an LCA report for verification. The data sources and calculation methodology will be compiled into an LCA report for verification.
  • Produce a well-designed, easy to read, and company-branded EPD.
  • Create a fully compliant Type III Environmental Product Declarations covering the average or product-specific impact of all aggregate types produced.
  • Work with 3rd party verifier to obtain independent verification.

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