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Solution Highlights

Climate Earth’s sustainable supply chain solution (SSC) is designed to meet the reporting and analysis needs of the world’s largest corporations that have thousands of suppliers and many hundreds of purchase categories.

Large global supply chains are incredibly complex so establishing a system for comprehensive measurement and management of environmental impacts is difficult. The Climate Earth solution provides visibility to every category and every tier in your supply chain back to raw material extraction. From this analysis, SSC can formulate public reports to key agencies such as CDP.


Climate Earth was one of the first companies to deliver a comprehensive supply chain analysis. In 2008 we developed a sophisticated and cost-effective supply chain analysis approach based on environmentally extended input-output life cycle assessment. The company developed techniques to load, and execute complex matrix math, and then to simplify the results into elegant easy to understand dashboard and data visualizations.

Advisor to Standards

The company was a key technical advisor on the development of today’s global standard for supply chain reporting, the Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Standard.


Climate Earth works with major corporations in different sectors such as General Motors in automotive, Merck in Pharmaceuticals, and other clients such as FedEx and 3M.

  • An environmental life cycle assessment of your whole upstream supply chain including every purchase category.
  • Dashboards and data visualizations that facilitate rapid analysis of your whole supply chain.
  • Sophisticated analysis. Impacts are reported by a variety of dimensions, such as by department, by region, by purchase category, and by supplier.
  • Reporting by CPG category or formatted for other public reporting agencies.
  • Detail analysis and reporting in Excel or CSV

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