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Climate Earth’s Cement EPD Generator

Customer and investor expectations are driving cement manufacturers to rapidly innovate to reduce the carbon footprint of production. In addition, ready mix producers are competing for low carbon projects and pressing cement suppliers for EPDs and reduced carbon cements. 

In response, the industry  is  seeking to create better blends, reduce fuel consumption, modify fuel types, and much, much  more, all targeting new cements  with reduced embodied carbon impact.

Quickly  measuring and reporting reduced carbon cement has become a strategic requirement. 

The Climate Earth Cement EPD Generator is the first to respond to these needs. The Generator is an extremely easy-to-use tool that enables manufacturers to instantly generate fully verified EPDs of any cement, any time.

The Cement EPD Generator builds on the proven foundation of Climate Earth’s ready mix EPD generators which are currently deployed at over 400 locations in North America and have generated nearly 40,000 digital ready mix and CMU EPDs.  To meet this critical need for measurement and reporting, Climate Earth now offers  the first complete and global ready solution for cement EPD generation. 

The Cement EPD Generator is a cloud-based software solution released in France in early 2022 and available in other countries and regions later in the year. 

A one-time setup fee and an annual subscription provide unlimited new EPDs and includes annual updates to ensure EPDs are always current with your newest suppliers, materials, and processes at a fraction of the cost of traditional EPDs.


Instant, On-Demand EPDs

The Cement EPD Generator puts EPDs at your fingertips.  Once setup is complete simply enter your new cement blend into the EPD Generator and a fully verified EPD will be produced within seconds.

Full Automation

Unlike other tools, Climate Earth’s Cement EPD Generator automates every part of  EPD creation except the initial one-time data collection process.

  •       Step1: Data collection
  •       Step 2: EPD Calculation
  •       Step 3: EPD Generation
  •       Step 4: EPD verification
  •       Step 5: EPD publication

Always Current

Annual updates to suppliers, materials, fuels, processes, and technologies are included in the subscription. In addition, as change accelerates, an Anytime Update is available for a nominal charge.  With the Anytime Update, your EPDs are always current and always reflect your latest manufacturing changes, such as  fuel types, materials, and any other technology introduced.  

Always Current EPDs in Any Language

The Cement generator will operate in any language and generate EPDs in any language.

    Climate Earth will deliver the world’s first full-function Cement EPD Generator for Europe in Q1, 2022.

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