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Concrete Masonry EPD Generator

The Concrete Masonry EPD Generator is the first and only system that enables CMU producers to quickly measure the impacts of new mix designs by generating a new fully verified environmental product declaration (EPD) in seconds.

This new technology enables producers to easily respond to the overwhelming desire of designers to lower greenhouse gas emissions in the built environment with unlimited, instant and verified EPDs for any block type and mix design.  Instant availability of EPDs helps producers win new business and more effectively collaborate with the AEC community early in a project cycle.  Part of the CarbonCLARITY Suite, the CMU EPD Generator is an all-digital solution that works from a web browser or a smartphone.


Instant On-Demand

When you are bidding for a job, time is critical. The EPD Generator puts EPDs at your fingertips. Just enter the mix design the CMU type and in seconds download a fully verified EPD.

Bid-Ready EPDs

Unlike cumbersome booklet form EPDs from other producers, that list dozens or even hundreds of mixes in long hard to read tables, Climate Earth EPDs are short mix specific documents designed to drop into a bid.

Quickly and easily manage 100s of EPDs.

EPD Analyzer provides the ability to filter, sort, review, and export EPDs for further analysis or review with customers.

Efficient mix design

The market is shifting, demonstrated by events such as the AIA Architecture & Design Materials Pledge to reduce embodied carbon. Carbon is becoming a new mix design metric and the CMU EPD Generator is the industry’s leading tool to meet the new demand.

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  • An initial set of verified EPDs for all selected products produced from all selected plants
  • An online, self-service tool to create unlimited new verified EPDs for any new mix design in seconds
  • An annual database update that keeps your EPDs current as you add new suppliers, new transportation modes and manufacturing process improvements
  • A complete and fully verified life cycle assessment report with detailed information on the environmental impacts of your entire operation

Initial system setup time required: 90-120 days

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